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In the fall of 1970 Southridge Mall opened in Greendale, WI.  A mere two years later a husband and wife opened The Barber Shop just in time for christmas of 1972.  After six years of owning their shop; a couple of friends, John and Alex became business partners and purchased the shop in January of 1977 from the couple.

Their business was growing rapidly; The Barber was becoming a very well known and creditable shop.  Its popularity grew because it was a place that could perfect the newest trends and the location in the mall was a new concept compared to traditional barbershops. No appointment was even necessary!  Throughout the years, women barbers joined the shop and this lead to even more growth within it. It was not long before it went beyond just haircuts to colors and perms.  They decided they needed to relocate and expand to accommodate their customers.

It was meant to be when Aladdin's Castle left its space in Southridge Mall. John and Alex moved into the space in the fall of 1984. Three years after the relocation, John's business partner passed away; him and his wife Barbara became sole owners of The Barber.  They owned the shop until February 1st, 2009 when I [Gayle] and my husband [Tim] took over ownership. It only felt right after working at the Barber for 17 years and growing up getting my hair cut there as well.

My husband and I are truly honored to have ownership of The Barber.  John is still working full time, but can go home at the end of the day without the extra responsibilities of owning a business and enjoy time with his wife Barbara and family.  

We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to carry on the legacy of The Barber Shop and continue to provide the family style service that has been provided for over 40 years.  We have made on small change to our name; it is now called The Barber TGY Style "The Barber That Gives You Style".  The change was made to let customers know that we can do a lot more than just cut hair.

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